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Wheel Care

Wheel Care

It is important to keep your wheels clean at all times. Your brakes will cause the wheels to heat up, and this heat in turn can cause any dirt or brake dust to cook in to the clear coat. If this happens, there's not a lot you can do besides having the wheels refinished. Protect your investment and keep your wheels clean! Below are some simple instructions on how take care of your wheels:

Do not use household cleaners or other detergents to clean your wheels.

The best wheel cleaning solution is a mild soap and water solution (what ever you would trust on the paint of your car).

Clean with a soft, un-abrasive cloth. Only on polished wheels can you use aluminum wheel polish. If you use this polish on chrome, painted, or clear coated wheels, you will only scratch or dull the finish.

Do not use any tire cleaners on your wheels. Clean wheels when they are cool. Heat can effect the soap, causing it to dry on the wheel and become difficult to rinse off. Clean one wheel at a time. This also prevents the soap from drying on to the wheel.

After the wheels are clean and dry, apply a coat of soft paste style wax to them. This will create a moisture barrier and help ensure the finish lasts as long as possible.

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